Bartercard Europe Franchisee Licensee

Experience the exceptional earning potential that our proven business model provides

Being a licensee in the Bartercard Continental Europe network is your opportunity to join one of the most dynamic global businesses on a major growth industry.
Experience the exceptional earning potential that our proven business model provides.

Features of the Bartercard Platform

Why Do Business Owners Love Bartercard?

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to lead your own successful business, then we have the opportunity for you. Become a Bartercard Franchise Licensee and experience the exceptional earning potential that our proven business model of 30 years provides.

Bartercard Europe Business Deal Success

The Role of the
Bartercard Licensee

To support the participation of enterprises in the Bartercard network in their area, and to assist owners in strengthening their operations.

Bartercard is predominately a B2B sales, marketing and service model which promotes and facilitates cashless digital transactions for its members. The primary role of a Bartercard Licensee is to develop a sales team to enrol a variety of businesses in the local community to participate as members in the Bartercard trading system; and to develop a team of Account Managers to train, coach and encourage business owners to use the many promotional and business tools and opportunities the network makes available to them. The Bartercard system enables members to connect and then buy and sell from each other using the Bartercard "Trade Euro" digital currency.

IRTA International Reciprocal Trade Association

IRTA Universal Currency Membership

Membership in the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA), and part of the international Universal Currency network

IRTA is the worldwide association of commercial barter trade exchanges. Headquartered in New York, IRTA actively works with members on all aspects of operations, sales, compliance and ethics, and offers exchanges the opportunity to trade with each other worldwide using their own Universal Currency network, and to meet at regional and international conferences.