Bartercard Continental Europe
Supporting Small & Medium Enterprises

June 30, 2021
by Sérgio Lopo, Managing Director, Bartercard Continental Europe

Throughout this series of 13 articles that we have been publishing, it was our goal in this first phase to explain what Barter is and try to demonstrate its connection to traditional financial/insurance products, as a way to increase the understanding of financial services industry professionals of what we have to offer.

By bringing these professionals closer, we intend to create the perspective that this trading model can complement their knowledge and experience so that the companies they work for can consider incorporating this model in order to broaden the services they provide to SMEs.

Together with a wide variety of partners we intend to implement this solution so that we can provide a powerful tool for micro, small and medium enterprises to become more resilient and work collaboratively in creating a reciprocal and virtuous economic space.

Our vision is to improve people's lives by creating value and opportunity from the unrealized potential of these businesses.

To achieve these goals, we also need to collaborate with entities that can help us disseminate the Bartercard model quickly in the continental European market in order to attract various participants from different business sectors, and thus create an attractive marketplace for all players.

We are inclusive, we believe in collaboration between all parties involved and we believe we should also involve the various entities that operate in the traditional economy and motivate them to see Barter as a complement to their existing range of products and services, providing an additional way for them to embrace a segment of the economy that wants their business.

We position ourselves as a complement and we have a business model that bridges the gaps we identify as most relevant for SMEs: a lack of information, access to financing, optimization of idle capacity and improved digital presence.

We overcome these obstacles by creating a comprehensive and diverse network of companies where members share information in a secure space and gain visibility to do more business, thus gaining new customers, increasing sales, increasing business margins and mitigating credit risk, achieving all this without the use of fiat money.

As we intend to demonstrate above, many products and services that are already available in the market have features that we offer in the Bartercard model, but none have the integrated solution we propose.

In all new markets where Bartercard intends to establish in continental Europe, there are already entities with the profile to integrate our model. Through a franchise agreement we grant licenses to operate in countries or regions to companies that fit the indicated profile or to entrepreneurs with experience in business development and the passion to serve other businesses to prosper. This contract provides franchisees with:

  • Business transaction management platform.
  • Online access technology for Customers via web and App.
  • Business and service and/or product directory.
  • Training and support documentation.
  • Support in operationalization and credit risk management.

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