Bartercard Continental Europe
& Business Servicing Companies

June 9, 2021
by Sérgio Lopo, Managing Director, Bartercard Continental Europe

There are activities that involve working with many companies from different sectors of activity and of different sizes. If we think of accounting, consulting and management software service providers; among others; we realize that a company can aggregate a considerable volume of clients that work in very distinct activity sectors.

Often in three segments - accounting, consulting, and management software, we find large and medium-sized companies which aggregate a considerable number of companies and with which there exists, due to the characteristics of the services provided, a relationship of trust.

These companies, like all of them, have their clients as their greatest asset and serving their clients means doing what they already do with increasing quality and innovation. But it can also mean broadening the vision of what it is to support a client. One of the solutions may be to create a service that helps customers to increase their sales and thus create an ecosystem of secure exchanges between them.

We see these companies as multipliers of business opportunities, since they can boost many new commercial transactions between different companies, from different and complementary sectors of activity by bringing together their customers (and why not also suppliers and partners?) on a platform where they can transact with each other securely and thus gain new customers, new suppliers, and maximize production capacity.

For service providers it is an opportunity to monetize relationships, build customer loyalty and contribute to the creation of a collaborative ecosystem that allows for greater resilience for companies and even for themselves.

The Bartercard model meets these objectives and allows these companies to create this platform quickly and effectively. On this platform companies would have access to a tool that allows them to acquire new customers, perform transactions securely and without the use of fiat money, improving cash flow. This solution can be complementary for companies that have access to traditional financial/insurance markets but especially relevant for SMEs that often do not have access to tools to facilitate credit risk management.

In all new markets where Bartercard intends to establish in continental Europe there are already sizeable service providers that know the companies and markets where they operate and a commercial network that knows and accompanies their clients. A close collaborative relationship with Bartercard brings numerous advantages for all parties involved and for these companies to launch this platform quickly and successfully, we provide:

  • Business transaction management platform.
  • Online access technology for Customers via web and mobile app.
  • Directory of companies and services and/or products.
  • Training and support documentation.
  • Support in operationalization and credit risk management.

For us, it is one of the fastest and most effective ways to launch a Bartercard in each European country.