Bartercard Continental Europe
& Business Networking Organizations

May 26, 2021
by Sérgio Lopo, Managing Director, Bartercard Continental Europe

There are numerous business networking organizations, both local and international, with the objective of enabling their members to exchange references that allow their businesses to grow. Although they are very similar to Business Associations, some associations are groups of businesses that have other objectives, such as philanthropy and community development.

Business Networking organizations are based on the principle of solidarity among its members and the creation of a safe space for each member to have the support of other members in facilitating contacts that will open more effective doors for the presentation of their services and products to potential customers and even investors.

In addition to the main aspect of raising business, these networks provide opportunities for networking, personal development, and often beneficial agreements with partners who are willing to provide services to members at significant discounts. Many networks are highly professionalized and spread all over the world, facilitating business locally, but also globally through their networks.

In short, they are closed groups that create a network of companies and entrepreneurs, where through communication and exposure of their needs, they ask for help and help their peers to improve their business prospects, under the motto that together we are stronger - establish mutual benefits and develop effective relationships.

And what connection do these networks have with the Bartercard model?

  • They connect companies and entrepreneurs with the aim of increasing their sales.
  • They create a safe space for visibility among their members and occasions for networking.
  • They enhance the matching between clients, suppliers and partners, facilitating commercial exchanges.

And if we think about developing these networks with the Bartercard model, what additional benefits would its members have?

  • Creation of a complete digital directory about each member, their products and services and business opportunities.
  • Concrete information about the behavior of member companies in their business transactions, enriching the information available to members and the credibility of each member.
  • Monetize new commercial relationships between entities that are part of their networks.
  • Access to a tool that allows them to make secure transactions without the use of Euros to improve cash flow.
  • Access to a service specially designed for SMEs that often do not have access to tools to facilitate credit risk management, enabling them to collect cash and reduce bad debts.
  • Add value to the economy by facilitating commercial transactions between companies, many of which, due to their size, are on the margins of traditional financial/insurance products.

Broadening the scope of these organizations by adopting the Bartercard model and business information companies brings these and other advantages to all stakeholders.

Business networks could count on all the tools, from Bartercard, to launch this new line of business quickly and successfully. These are:

  • Cashless business transaction management platform.
  • Online access technology for customers via web and app.
  • Directory of companies and services and/or products.
  • Training and support documentation.
  • Support in operationalization and credit risk management.

For us, it is one of the fastest and most effective ways to launch a Bartercard Europe operation in every European country.