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The world’s largest cashless commercial barter trade exchange

Connecting business, connecting business owners

What is Bartercard?

Why Do Business Owners Love Bartercard?

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to lead your own successful business, then we have the opportunity for you. Become a Bartercard Franchise Licensee and experience the exceptional earning potential that our proven business model of 30 years provides.

How Bartercard Helps Businesses

Increase Cash Flow

Bartercard enables you to increase your sales, and in turn, you are able to utilise the Trade Euro you earn as well as your interest-free line of credit to purchase products and services for your business and lifestyle.

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Improve Efficiency

From accessing an interest-free line of credit to expanding your product range, to leaseback equipment or boosting your marketing, and getting paid by debtors, Bartercard has many tools to increase your business' efficiency and profit.

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Gain New Customers

Open up your business to a whole new market of customers without reducing prices or compromising your brand. Bartercard attracts business owners and their employees to become customers at each other's businesses.

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